Winning Photos

Young child’s curiosity about the world

2nd Place: Creative Aperture and F-Stop - July 2021


2nd Place: Elements of Design - March 2021


1st Place: Elements of Design - December 2020
Photo Of the Day: May 15, 2021

River Walk Trail

2nd Place: Travel/Place - July 2020

A Peek at a Visitor to the Ancient Past

2nd Place: Travel/Place - September 2019

Chilly Afternoon Card Game Among Friends

2nd Place: People May 2019

Bee in Saguaro Cactus Flower

2nd Place: Bees (Detail/Macro) - June 2018

Lone Tree in Petrified Dunes

2nd Place: Nature/Landscape - March 2018

Road Runner - Beep, Beep

2nd Place: Photography Tips (Techniques) -Share a Tip - June 2021

It's Just a desert Weed

2nd Place: Elements of Design - February 2021

A window reflects the scenery

2nd Place: Elements of Design - November 2020

Reflecting on the Colorado River

2nd Place: Travel/Place - June 2020

Where to next?

1st Place: Travel/Place - November 2019

Wall of lines and a Pillar

1st place: Elements of Design - August 2019

Reflecting on Nature

2nd Place: Elements of Design - June 2019

Work? Say What?

2nd Place: Man-made - March 2019

Pollen Collector

2nd Place: Details/Macro - May 2018

High Atop the Scenic Overlook

2nd Place: Nature/Landscape - March 2017

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